Institutional Development

A core component of SCHEP’s mission is to work with other key institutions in Jordan to ensure they have the skills, tools, and capacity to continue to engage in best practices for heritage preservation long after the project has ended. This includes updating technologies, educating key stakeholders on best practices, and investing in the next generation of cultural heritage enthusiasts and professionals. To this end, we have:

  • Established a Diploma Course on Archaeological Surveying with Hashemite University that will graduate 11 new surveyors for the Department of Antiquities and the Petra Archaeological Park.
  • Begun the SCHEP Internship program, giving professional development to current students or recent graduates to learn about cultural heritage, conservation, and non-profit project management.
  • Awarded scholarships that allowed 15 “SCHEP Scholars,” high-achieving Jordanian students, to attend an international archaeology conference.
  • Hosted workshops to improve MEGA Jordan, the premier archaeology-related database in Jordan.
At USAID SCHEP we work toward establishing a community of practice- dedicated people and organizations who share the same goals of community, and economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, and celebrating Jordan and its peoples. Here are some, but not all of those we work with: