SCHEP is all about building Communities of Practice- groups of people who are passionate, informed, and empowered to work together toward a shared goal. The full SCHEP Community of Practice includes our site stewards, colleagues at the Department of Antiquities and ACOR, countless scholars and volunteers, and the communities where our sites are located. Those below are by no means the extent of the SCHEP Team- they’re just the people you’ll find at our office:

Steering Committee:

Dr. Barbara Porter

Director of ACOR


Dr. Jack Green

Associate Director


Nisreen Abu al Shaih

Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Director of ACOR

Project Staff:

Nizar Al Adarbeh

Chief of Party
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 210)

Zaid Kashour

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 211)

Jehad Haron

Deputy Chief of Party – CHR Development Lead
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 211)

Hussein Khirfan

Tourism Lead
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 211)

Shatha Abu Aballi

Communications Officer
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 209)  

Dina al Majali

Admin / Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 210) 

Balqees al Mohaisen

Capacity Building Coordinator
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 210) 

AbedalFatah Ghareeb

Creative Producer and Editor
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 209) 

Raneen Naimi

Awareness and Outreach Intern
(+962-6) 534-6117 (ext. 210)