Busayra City of Culture for 2019

14-03-2019 - 14-03-2019

SCHEP Lecture- Temple of the Winged Lions

11-04-2017 - 11-04-2017

Join SCHEP and Dr. Glenn Corbett, the Director of the Temple of the Winged Lions Cultural Resource Management Initiative for a lecture about the project and the future of community based archaeology.

ACOR Lecture- Community Based Archaeology

15-03-2017 - 15-03-2017

ACOR & SCHEP Public Lecture: An evening with USAID’s Sustainable Cultural Heritage Through Engagement of Local Communities Project to discuss progress made in two years and what to expect from ...

Celebrating Ghawr as Safi- Community Event

12-03-2017 - 12-03-2017

Come Joint the SCHEP Team in exploring Tawahin as Sukkar and our trainees in Ghawr as Safi

Friends of Archaeology Lecture with Dr. Barbara Porter

08-03-2017 - 08-03-2017

Friends of Archaeology & Heritage (FOAH) Lecture: "The Ancient Egyptian Temple in Southern Egypt" with Dr. Barbara Parter

Safi Crafts International Women's Day Workshop

08-03-2017 - 08-03-2017

In celebration of International Women's Day, Safi Crafts will host a FREE workshop. It places an opportunity for artists, fashion designers and general public to discover how Safi Craft’s products are ...

ACOR Fellows Talk: Dr. Aseel Sawalha

26-10-2016 - 26-10-2016

“An Anthropological Gaze at Art,” an ACOR public lecture Wednesday 26 October 2016

Technique and Meaning in C14: Dating the Neolithic of the Levant

17-10-2016 - 17-10-2016

Join the British Institute for a lecture on carbon dating-October 17th 6-8 pm

Poetry of the Streets

05-10-2016 - 05-10-2016

Technology and demographics allow public opinion to turn into collective action without passing through stages of central organization. In the context of the events of 2011, drawing on his personal, ...

BBC Travel visits the Temple of the Winged Lions

01-10-2016 - 01-10-2016

The BBC Travel Show visited the Temple of the Winged Lions to film for their show on Petra. Watch October 1 to see the team in action!