Diploma Course in Archaeological Surveying Course with Hashemite University

Both the Department of Antiquities and Petra Archeological Park identified a dire need for more archeological surveyors in order for them to continue their mission of excavating, restoring, and managing heritage sites across Jordan. SCHEP went to work with Hashemite University to design and implement and intensive Diploma Course in Archaeological Training. 

The two organizations sent 11 of their current employees to receive training through a 200-hour intensive course let by Dr. Yahya Al Shawabkeh and Eng. Fawaz Ishaqat of Hashemite University. 

Over the seven month period, students learned in depth theoretical knowledge, which they were then able to utilize through practical activities and site visits to areas like the Amman Citadel and the Khirbat Salamah, a Byzantine-era farm house in Tla’a Ali. The rigorous program included 3 grueling exams on GPS, GIS, AutoCAD geometry, archeology and other technical areas related to surveying. Students graduated with both the academic and practical skills to succeed both within the Department of Antiquities or the Petra Archeological Park and beyond. 

Ahmad Hasanat of the Petra Archeological Park said, “I took this class because I thought all the new techniques would be helpful for our work at the Petra Archeological Park. Over the course of the program, I learned how to use so many new skills and tools like distance and offset methods, levels, and total station and lieder scanning, all of which I can apply in the field.”

The Diploma program is a key component of the mission of the USAID SCHEP program, which seeks to enhance capacity building within the Department of Antiquities as well as other archeological organizations that are working to preserve and celebrate Jordan’s rich cultural heritage.