New Request for Applications

USAID’s Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP)  aims to enable communities to preserve cultural heritage resources and market them to both domestic and international visitors. This is achieved through site development projects that engage communities in preserving, managing, and promoting these sites in a manner that ensures their viability as long-term resources. Many communities that host CHRs are unable to capitalize on their tourism potential because they lie in underserved areas with scant economic or educational opportunities.

SCHEP is currently active in five sites in different Jordanian governorates, working closely with the communities to develop their ability to preserve, manage, and promote these cultural heritage sites. The five CHR sites are Ghawr as-Safi (Karak), Busayra (Tafila), Umm al-Jemal (Mafraq), Bir Madhkur (Wadi Araba), and the Temple of the Winged Lions (Petra). SCHEP expects to support a total of eight sites by 2017. For further information’s please visit our website: www.usaidschep.org 

 Project main objectives 

Providing small-scale grants to specific projects that will bolster the capacity of the Department of Antiquities 

Building a strong Jordanian heritage community of practice by increasing best practices in site preservation, conservation, management, and tourism promotion through workshops, course work and practicums with hands-on experience in CHR development 

Creating relationships between relevant governmental departments, institutions, and professional associations for improved preservation and protection practices in marketing sustainable tourism of Jordan’s CHRs 

Involving community members in site development through training, awareness and job  creation related to CHRs

SCHEP is pleased to call for applications for new projects. Proposed projects must focus on the conservation and promotion of tangible cultural heritage sites in Jordan. Applicants must demonstrate the presence of sufficient local (host community) leadership that the activities can run continuously for the proposed duration of the project. The deadline for applications is   November 15, 2016 .

    The following is a list of entities that are ineligible to receive a grant: 


Political parties

Government institutions (this includes entities that the Government of Jordan owns at least 50% share of or receive at least 50% of their financial support from the Government of Jordan)

Faith-based organizations whose objectives are discriminatory and/or serve religious purposes, and/or whose main objective of the grant is of a religious nature 

Guidelines for applications

Please review the entire application form before embarking on it. Applications must be submitted in English.  All questions regarding the application process must be addressed to the email below.  Inquiries will only be addressed electronically and via this address and submit completed applications electronically to:

Nizar Al Adarbeh, Chief of Party

USAID Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP) cop.schep@acorjordan.org. 


(1) Shortlisted projects will be invited to present and defend their project idea to the SCHEP team to explain how your project is in line with USAID SCHEP objectives and to go over the details of the proposal and its viability.  

(2) Applicants are asked to propose a project which has clear objectives and tangible outputs and outcomes through a well-defined work plan.  

(3) "Enhancement of economic development at the community level" will be measured in terms of jobs created and opportunities for entrepreneurship, particularly for youth and women. A "job" can be full-time or part-time, employed or self-employed, and must be a minimum of six months in long.   

(4) Each project is required to include at least one Site Steward  under the project budget and their selection will be in direct coordination with the SCHEP team from local community.  

(5) Each project will be asked to produce a "site story"   a narrative which can be taught to local community guides. The narrative will be developed in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities and the SCHEP team. 

(6) The priority will be given to sites in northern and middle parts of Jordan. 

(7) Please attach the requested annexes with the application form. 

(8) SCHEP will assist wining projects in conducting short environmental baseline study. 


Application form

Site steward job description

Grant Management Manual