SCHEP Welcomes New Sites

USAID SCHEP is proud to welcome three new sites to our family!

These include sites in Aqaba, Wadi Rum, and Madaba and seek to create new dimension to these well established tourist destinations by enhancing the cultural heritage component at each of the sites. The sites include:

Ayla: The first attempt at underwater archaeology in Jordan, this site explores Aqaba’s marine heritage and links it to the surrounding Islamic-era historical city.

Al Khaz’ali: Nestled deep in Wadi Rum, this hidden cleft is rich with Petroglyphs, Thamudic, and Kufic inscriptions.  

Madaba Regional Museum: This cross section of Madaba’s past and present includes remnants from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman period and will eventually become home to a regional archaeological museum.

SCHEP will work to train members of the local communities in best practices in both conservation and tourism to ensure the progress made by the project can be continued long after the project has ended.  

 Check back on this site as well as our social media pages to learn more about these sites and our work there!