Currently, SCHEP is active in five sites: Umm al Jimal, Ghor al Safi, Busayra, Bi’r Mathkour, and the Temple of the Winged Lions. The sites are located across Jordan, from Mafraq in the North and near Petra in the South, and all are in different stages of excavation. Although SCHEP has a consistent methodology and grass-roots approach, SCHEP approaches each site with a unique perspective and set of goals to match the level of development and needs of the local community. This makes it possible for us to work with sites like Temple of the Winged Lions, which is a part of the larger Petra Archeological Park, as well as the lesser known sites like Busayra, which are far removed from the notoriety and infrastructure of a place like Petra.


We encourage you to peruse each of the individual site pages to see the projects we’ve begun so far and check back regularly to see if we’ve issued a new RFA or begun working on any new projects.