April 4, 2021

our SCHEP colleagues and community members!

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We have been pleased to see several of our SCHEP colleagues and community members featured on the
USAID Jordan
Instagram over the past few months! Today we are sharing a feature on Um Ali, one of the local community members from Ghawr as Safi who is employed by the SCHEP-supported Jordan Southern Ghawr Company.
“Um Ali has been making shrak bread at Safi Kitchen, one of the Jordan Southern Ghawr Company’s projects, since its inception three years ago. Mother of five sons and three daughters, she speaks enthusiastically about visitors who used to come to the project, from local personalities to foreign tourists. But she also mentions the challenges she and her family have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, as work stopped and she lost a main source of income. Today, Safi Project focuses on encouraging Jordanians to visit, ensuring the project’s sustainability and supporting the livelihoods of staff like Um Ali. USAID helped it attract more domestic visitors and apply new health and sanitation standards for the pandemic.”