SCHEP’s model takes a holistic approach to cultural heritage management that engages with the entire community living. It isn’t just local heritage or tourism professionals that matter to SCHEP’s activities; for our work to truly be sustainable, the whole community must be invested in the sites in their own backyards. For this reason, raising awareness of the heritage resources present in Jordan, and the importance of caring for them, is a critical part of SCHEP’s work.
SCHEP’s awareness program, “Generations 4 Heritage,” seeks to foster appreciation of heritage and strengthen bonds through a variety of activities that are both fun and educational. SCHEP has conducted a series of workshops and field trips that help students, teachers, and families learn more about Jordan’s heritage, both tangible and intangible, and put on celebratory events that strengthen ties among classmates, families, friends, and communities.
Awareness programs include hands-on activities like making pottery and mosaic art, learning to read and write Thamudic script, and “be an archaeologist” activities, such as sifting through sand for artifacts and reconstructing broken pottery. SCHEP has also hosted programs such as the Our Heritage Our Identity Video Competition, which encouraged nearly 200 students from all across Jordan to submit one-minute videos about some aspect of their heritage.

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