SCHEP’s site development work in Ghawr as Safi focused on Tawahin as Sukar, an ancient sugar factory whose ruins still stand within the town, with the aim of learning about the site and making it accessible to visitors. This included clearing the site of debris, constructing a perimeter fence to keep the area secure, and constructing a path for tourists throughout the site. Interpretive panels were installed to allow visitors to enjoy the site even without a guide.
Within the sugar factory, the project made concerted efforts to stabilize the structure, specifically the storage and crushing chambers. The project also discovered and worked to preserve mosaic floors, repair walls, and create a drainage system that would protect the site from rainwater damage.

To access a digital copy of the interpretive signs produced for this site with SCHEP support, click here.

For more information about SCHEP work at Ghawr as Safi from 2014 to 2018, see our publication, The Story of SCHEP, 2014-2018.