Central to the site as well as SCHEP’s work with its partners at the Temple of Winged Lions (TWL) in Petra is the Cella, or inner area of the temple. SCHEP worked to preserve the central cultic podium, improve drainage, and stabilize columns in this part of the site.
SCHEP-supported work also concentrated on the Southwest Quadrant of the Temple. In consultation with ACOR, the Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA), and the Department of Antiquities decided that the area needed to be backfilled in order to preserve its structural integrity. The team’s efforts increased site stability and safety for visitors, and also allowed for improved rainwater drainage.
Another key element of SCHEP’s work at all of its related sites is making them more accessible to visitors via pathways and signage. At TWL, SCHEP developed pathways and signage throughout the temple complex and surrounding areas. Another key addition is a sign installed on the colonnaded street below the temple that allows passersby to view a projection of what the temple would have looked like in ancient times.

To access a digital copy of the interpretive signs produced for this site with SCHEP support, click here.

For more information about SCHEP work at the Temple of Winged Lions (TWL) from 2014 to 2018, see our publication, The Story of SCHEP, 2014-2018.