Hand By Hand Umm al-Jimal:

One of our aims here at SCHEP is to foster a holistic approach to cultural resource management by utilizing a grassroots social engagement model that emphasizes local communities as the primary stakeholders. SCHEP proudly supported and funded a community-based enterprise called Hand by Hand, under the Umm el Jimal project. This initiative is led by a former SCHEP site steward at Umm el Jimal, Jehad Suleiman, along with Samar Al-Sroor, Yasin Alsmairan and Ahmad Masaid.
Hand by Hand trains members of the community in archaeological services like hospitality and tour guiding; carries out the design, production and maintenance of interpretive signs for archaeological sites; develops handicraft production and marketing of heritage crafts within the community; conducts trainings in heritage awareness and site maintenance skills for members of the community; and promotes heritage and archaeological awareness education in schools.