This company came about with the mission to promote the marine and cultural heritage of Aqaba and raise local community members’ awareness and engagement to improve their income and create real employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups. The company is led by Mustafa Ajlouni, who was trained and employed as a site steward at Ayla through SCHEP’s "Exploring the Marine Heritage of the City of Aqaba" project, implemented by The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS).
Today, Aqabawi is growing at a rapid pace. The small enterprise offers a wide variety of community-based cultural experiences for those who want to discover a new side of Aqaba. From local cooking classes, to making jewelry with sea glass and recycled paper, to volunteering at a local dog shelter, Aqabawi has something to offer every kind of traveler. Founded just as new budget airline routes increased the number of budget travelers arriving in Jordan, Aqabawi has filled a gap in Aqaba’s typical tourism offerings, which emphasize luxury beach and resort experiences over local history and culture.