Training Opportunity with USAID SCHEP and ISCR - Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ...


Training Opportunity with USAID SCHEP and ISCR - Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo in “Conservation of Underground Wall ...

Madaba Regional Archaeological Project Launch


The Department of Antiquities, along with USAID and the Italian Embassy helped to launch the Madaba Regional Archaeological Museum Project (MRAMP).

Celebrating International Museum Day


To commemorate International Museum Day on May 18th, the Department of Antiquities and USAID’s Sustainable Cultural Heritage Through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP) organized heritage ...

Madaba Project Seeks Site Steward


SCHEP's site in Madaba is looking to hire a Site Steward. A Site Steward is the primary connection between workers on the site, the Project Director, main SCHEP staff, and the local community. If ...

Outreach and Awareness Intern


We're looking for an Outreach and Awareness Intern to join our team!

SCHEP Welcomes New Sites


USAID SCHEP is proud to welcome three new sites to our family!

USAID SCHEP Celebrates Umm al Jimal Ground Breaking


Umm al Jimal Project began work on a new interpretive and visitor's center

New Request for Applications


USAID SCHEP is issuing a Request for Applications!

BBC Travel visits the Temple of the Winged Lions


Members of the staff of the BBC Travel show visited the Temple of the Winged Lions to learn about the history of the Temple and the innovative, community-drive approach to the project. Tune in October ...

Busayra Pottery Workshop


USAID SCHEP Site Stewards hosted a workshop on pottery and cultural heritage for local youth